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400KV Tatweer Route and Tatweer Loop Cable Lines

Posted: August 27, 2019

Earlier this year Delmon Precast were awarded the contracts to produce, deliver and install, 38km of precast civils work elements for the 400KV Tatweer Route Line and 11km of similar elements for the 400KV Tatweer Loop Line, all by September 2020. These lines represent a major infrastructural investment by EWA to efficiently cater for the growing demand for reliable electrical power throughout the Island of Bahrain.

The precast elements on these projects are comprised mostly of underground trough units, normal, snaking and transition, and their associated precast cover slabs. Generally, each trough unit is three meters long with three cover slabs per trough. The below shows indicatively numbers of units and respective volumes of concrete required on each project.

Project – 400kv Tatweer Route

Precast Trough Units – 13500 No. (17,200m3), Precast Cover Slab Units – 38000 No. (10,800m3)

Project – 400kv Tatweer Loop

Precast Trough Units – 3800 No. (4800m3), Precast Cover Slab Units – 11500 No. (3200m3)

The challenge for Delmon Precast on these projects was to increase the casting capacity in a very short space of time and maintain that capacity for up to twenty months. Within eight weeks casting was ongoing with 40 trough moulds and almost 100 cover slab moulds resulting in 80m³ of concrete being cast per day for these projects alone.

Strict adherence to quality had to be maintained throughout, with daily inspections and sign-off by Mott McDonald or ESBI as consultants, and Kooheji Electrical themselves and main contractor. With an understated design requirement to fulfill numerous structural criteria, these projects would challenge the best in the business. Therefore, success and client satisfaction on these projects and their like, has identified Delmon Precast as the leading producer of precast civils products in Bahrain.

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